Sami Petrucci is an actor, singer, and writer, originally from Long Island, New York. Both of her parents are musicians, so she found her passion for the arts an an early age. If she's being honest, they're cooler than she'll ever be.

Sami attended NYU Tisch, where she recieved a BFA in Drama. She studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute of Theatre and Film, as well as Stonestreet Studios, where she began writing her own work. She then took every UCB improv and sketch writing class possible and started writing and starring in her own comedic sketches. 

Although these times are ~tough~ to say the least, Sami has kept herself busy. She recently starred in her first Off-Broadway show, "Tammany Hall," where she played the role of "Smarty" as well as acting as the musical director for the production. When she's not auditioning, Sami is writing music with her twin brother, Reny, for their indie band Mt. Juliet. She loves true crime podcasts, pretending she's a sommelier, and spending time with her kitty, Mildred.

Sami is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Feel free to contact her if you're interested in working together!