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Booked a commercial!

Sami recently booked a commercial for Bio-Reference rapid tests. She would like to be referred to only as "COVID rapid test girl" from now on.

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"The Plans, They are Developin'" at MFF

Sami played "Harriet" in Alyssa Bennett's short film "The Plan's, They are Developin'," which premiered at the Manhattan Film Festival in April 2019. 


"The Journey"

at The Tank

Sami had the honor of playing the role of "Madison" in Joshua Crone's new play, "The Journey," which ran at The Tank February 6-23, 2020.

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VR Food

"VR Food," a short film by Malcolm Mills and starring John Early, has recently been accepted into a number of festivals. Sami had the honor of being a part of this one-of-a-kind project.

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